Congratulations on your engagement! We are excited for you and truly honored that you have considered White Carpet Bride for your wedding day. Here are our most asked questions about preview appointments…
What exactly is a preview?

Some people like to call this your trial run. We like to call this your Preview Appointment. This appointment truly is just that; we want you to preview your ideas and inspirations for hair and makeup to see exactly what you will look like for your Big Day.

What should I come prepared with?

Do your homework! Cut out those beautiful magazine advertisements. Build your Pinterest board. Screen shot your bff’s makeup from her wedding that you were obsessed with.
We want to know exactly what your vision is for your White Carpet Look.  We will talk through all of them with you to find what will work best for your unique features/things you want to highlight, etc. Once we’ve chatted through all of it, we get right to play time! After all, what’s the point of scheduling time out of your busy day to come if you don’t get to see it in real life?

Should I come with makeup on?

Most of our brides do you come from work or other appointments. We do not ever expect you to go home and wash and moisturize your face and hair before you come to your preview appointment. Just come as your day’s schedule denotes (heat styled hair or freshly washed, clean face or makeup on) and we will take it from there!

What can I expect to pay?

A traditional bridal hair and make up preview is a total of $150.
Should you just desire to do make up, your preview appointment is $100.
If you’re just wanting a hair preview, it is $100.

A multi-event preview includes up to 3 separate hair and/or makeup looks at this specific appointment and is a total of $250 to allow for the extra time needed.

These are stand-alone fees and do not get applied toward any wedding day balances.

Additional previews incur additional preview fees.

What do I do if I want to make sure and secure White Carpet Bride for my day?

For brides that want to go ahead and make sure they will be a White Carpet Bride on their wedding day, we ask for $150 reservation fee that does get applied to your wedding day total. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the wedding. For that reason, it is a really good idea to talk with all your ‘maids before coming in to get a good grasp on who will be wanting hair and make up that day so we can give you the best estimate on total cost.

For brides with multiple event weddings there is a $350 to reserve your day(s).

How long should I expect my preview appointment to be?

We book previews in 2 hour increments. We want to ensure there is enough time to fully understand the vision you have for your wedding day look.

What now?

We would love to find out if we would be the perfect fit for you and your bridal party. Asking a wedding professional to partake in the most amazing day of your life is a BIG DEAL. We don’t take it lightly and would never want any of our potential brides to either! So, like we said above, where it all begins is a preview. Once your preview is complete, we will then have the opportunity to go over contracts, locations etc. While you will be coming to us for the preview, on your wedding day we come to you! We at WCB send our team to you, making sure that you are on time and ready for the rest of your dreamy day.

We are elated to hear more about you and your unique vision! If you are interested in moving forward with White Carpet Bride, please take a moment to fill out our survey (located on the *About You* page) so we can be sure to provide you with the best possible wedding day experience!

We are so excited to help make you and your entire bridal party White Carpet Ready!


                              -White Carpet Team